When do I call to schedule a Brit Mila?

Please call immediately after your son is born. If you reach my voicemail, please leave your home number along with the cell numbers of both parents.  When I call you back, I will ask you the following questions:

  • The time and the date the baby was born.
  • Was it a natural birth or a c-section?
  • The baby’s pediatrician
  • The weight of the baby at birth
  • If you wish, you may also email me this information 
  • What happens after I schedule my Brit Mila?

I will come to see and examine the baby. I will provide you with a list containing detailed information about the items you need to have available for the Brit Mila.  We will also discuss some of the family members or friends that you may wish to honor so that I could become familiar with their names. . If the Brit Mila will take place away from home, I will provide a comprehensive list of items that you should pack to bring with you for your baby’s comfort.  We will also discuss the details of the ceremony.  If you are interested, I would be glad to help you with the selection of your baby’s Hebrew name.

When should the Brit Mila take place?

Brit Mila should be on the eighth day of birth. However, if the baby is not healthy enough for the Brit Mila, (e.g. jaundiced or some other medical condition) it must be delayed because there is nothing more important than baby’s health. Once the physician and the Mohel agree that the baby is well, the Brit Mila may be performed. There may be other technical considerations that could delay the Brit Mila beyond the eighth day. I would be happy to discuss your situation with you.

How is the eighth day determined?

Jewish day begins and ends at sunset.  The day that the baby is born, is counted as the first day.  Since Jewish day begins at sunset, if the baby is born on Sunday night, that is already considered Monday and the Brit Mila will fall on the following Monday.  If the baby is born on Sunday during the day, then the Brit Mila will be the following Sunday.

 A baby born by C-section on Friday night or Saturday will have his Brit Mila on the following Sunday. A baby born by C-section where the eighth day coincides with a Yom Tov (Jewish holiday) he will have his Brit on the next available weekday. Brit Mila must be performed during daylight hours. A Brit Mila performed at night or before the eighth day is not valid.

Where should the Brit Mila take place?

Brit Mila can take place in any setting like a Synagogue, local community center, hotel, a catering hall or someone else’s home or even your own home ( just think of the mess after the party !!!).

What happens before the ceremony begins?

On the day of the Brit, I will arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony. I will prepare the baby for the Brit Mila and we can talk about the honorees and details again.

How much is it going to hurt the baby?

This is the most important and most frequently asked question.  As a committed Mohel, your baby’s comfort and care is my priority. Circumcision is not as painful as parents think.  We all know that there will be some crying during the Brit Mila ceremony due to some discomfort that the baby might have.  However, I must note that the baby’s crying is not mostly from Brit Mila pain, it is because the baby dislikes being exposed to air.  As a father and a Mohel, I have seen babies cry as much or even more when we are just changing their diaper due to discomfort and not pain.  I will also do everything in my power to minimize your baby’s pain as much as possible by using more efficient instruments and anesthetics.  In my experience, speed is the best way to reduce discomfort for the baby and reduce crying.  If someone performs circumcision in the hospital it may take the doctor 20 minutes or even more to complete the procedure. However, I will not take more than 20-30 seconds to complete the Brit Mila process. A few seconds of discomfort that your son goes through is worth the meaningful and spiritual bond that he makes with Hashem.

How do we take care of the baby after Brit Mila?

After the Brit, I will explain how to care for the baby first by showing what you need to do and then providing written instructions to reinforce what I have told you. I am always available to answer questions, and will follow up shortly after the Brit Mila to see how everyone is doing.

How long following the Brit Mila does it take to recover?

Although the healing process varies by each baby, the average baby is completely healed within 2 or 3 weeks. In fact, in most cases, once the procedure is done, no further care is necessary to aid in the healing process.

Does the Pediatrician need to see the baby after the Brit Mila?

Follow your doctor’s schedule. He does not have to return any earlier

Do I need to receive documentation certifying the Brit Mila?

There is really no need to receive any certifications. However, if you are interested, you will be provided by a certificate containing your son’s English and Hebrew name, date of Birth, date of the Brit Mila, parents’ names, and the name of the Sandek.

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